Let Creativity Play from Within – The Laptop Dock Studio

The LDS, or Laptop Dock Studio, is a multi-faceted audio system designed to fit seamlessly into any updated or modern environment and harnesses both the function of an powerful acoustic speaker and the utility of a seated-desk. The LDS was developed in conjunction with composer Calogera and intends to bring artists closer to their work and incorporate their own personal style into the creative process.

laptop dock studio speaker attached in the table

More than just a cheap attempt to incorporate music into the creative process, the LDS utilizes natural sound-reproduction in the desks built-in speakers to allow artists a chance to compose, create, or design while enjoying brilliantly tuned harmonies.

laptop dock studio speaker front view

This jack-of-all-trades desk has a functional laptop dock with no limitations, allowing artists to work to their desires and not have to worry about typical obstacles to the creative process. Studio quality has been granted to the freelancer, without the hassle of complicated services or a mess of cables.

laptop dock studio speaker side view

While input was provided by the composer, Calogera, the LDS was internally developed by La Boite concept and Yvan Maurel, La Boite’s Technical Director. Not willing to sacrifice quality for cost, Yvan ensured that the speaker incorporated in this desisn was of the utmost impressiveness. In fact, the speaker has been awarded by a Diapoason d’Or for its sound, and has such piqued the interest of many in the music industry.

Trusted by professional, impressive to experts, and accesible for all, the Laptop Dock Studio is the way of the future for any and all creators.

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