LG GX Soundbar for entertainment

LG Adds GX Soundbar to Match Gallery OLED TVs

LG is poised to deliver its new 4K OLED TVs, but not before they add on the soundbar to match. The new LG GX Soundbar is styled to match up with the electronics company’s flagship TVs and will support Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio.

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LG GX Soundbar

Much like TVs, this soundbar is slim, measuring just 1.25 inches thick. It’s made to match up perfectly with the TV and can be mounted flush on the wall under the TV or on a flat surface using the included steel stand. The GX Soundbar offers 3.1-channel sound and comes bundled with a wireless subwoofer. Using a “combination of proprietary technologies by Meridian, Dolby and DTS,” the GX delivers virtualised height and surround channels. It can also be upgraded to a 5.1 system if you pick up LG’s SPK8 wireless surround speakers.

LG GX Soundbar side view

Getting input to the soundbar is done with a couple of options. The GX features 4K HDR passthrough if you want to send the sound directly to the bar. You can also connect using the TVs HDMI inputs and then transmit the audio to the soundbar through the GX’s HDMI-ARC port. For this option, you’ll be glad to know that the soundbar supports eARC that allows for lossless Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. Finally, you can also wirelessly stream music to the GX through Bluetooth. Here, too, the GX supports lossless 24-bit/96kHz audio playback. You can use either iOS or Android devices for this streaming option. A built-in LG AI Sound Pro will analyse the audio you want to play and then automatically apply the best settings so that you don’t have to mess with any of that.

LG GX Soundbar below the TV

The design is a bit new for LG. Rather than the typical boxy look, LG opted for a more angular approach. The front is covered in fabric and the whole thing matches perfectly with the new TVs. Fans down under will have to wait a little while to hear more about the new release. At the moment, LG has only outlined plans to roll the new soundbar out to Europe, North America and Asia this month, with Australian pricing and availability yet to be announced.

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LG GX Soundbar living room

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