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LG Tone Free T90Q Earbuds Offer Dolby Atmos Sound Without the Price Tag

When LG first unveiled the Tone Free FP8 earphones, the brand took a bit of a hit. Fans weren’t entirely sold on the form factor and the audio performance left a lot to be desired, but like any good champion, the brand hasn’t stayed on the mat long. Instead, LG has returned, and released the LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds, which are slightly pricier, share a lot of the design features of the FP8, and have a much-improved performance profile.

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LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds | Image: LG

The LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds come in black or white and boast the nearly ubiquitous stem-style design that has arisen from the AirPods Pro’s influence. Included with the T90Qs are three pairs of what LG is calling “medical grade” hypoallergenic silicone eartips in various sizes. The earpieces are slightly magnetized, which helps them to snap into place more easily. Carrying out the audio duties are a pair of 11 mm dynamic drivers, giving you a quality sound experience.

The outer panel of the buds offers controls via capacitive touch—simple taps let you control volume, skipping, and calls. You can also call up your voice assistant in the same way. LG also thought about what you would be using the earbuds for, so they went through the extra effort of getting an IPX4 rating, which means the buds can stand up to light splashes of water, so you can use these for working out (though probably not swimming).

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LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds | Image: LG

The charging case has a clamshell lid and makes use of LG’s “UVnano LED” technology to help reduce bacteria on the eartips. LG added a feature of using the case to transmit audio from non-Bluetooth sources. Just plug in the case using the USB-C to USB-A charging cable and then flip the switch on the left side. Voila! You’re streaming your music.

You can plan on roughly nine hours of battery life off of a full charge, with the case adding an additional 18 hours. The earbuds support Dolby Atmos and also make use of Dolby Head Tracking to give you an experience similar to Apple’s Spatial Audio. Finally, the earbuds also offer active noise cancellation. You can pick up a pair for $229.

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LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds | Image: LG

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LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds | Image: LG

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LG Tone Free T90Q Wireless Earbuds | Image: LG

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