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Logitech g535 wireless headset 3

Logitech Goes LIGHTSPEED with G535 Wireless Headset

Fans of Goldilocks will love what Logitech is doing right now for gamers looking for headphones. Previously the brand took the wireless G733 and re-installed the wire to create the G335. The idea appeared to be that for those to whom the G733 was too hot or too hard, the G335 would suit them better. But now it appears that for many of its customers, the G335 was just too cold or too soft. Now, Logitech is looking to hit that happy middle ground where everything is just right. The technology brand took the G335, added back in the wireless components, and created Mama Bear’s gaming headset, the G535.

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Image: Logitech

The G535 might win over fans just through its price—AUD$249.95. As a product offering, you get the headphones and a wireless dongle that just slightly bigger than Logitech’s G435. The mic is permanently attached to the headphones and to turn it off you simply flip it up. Designed mainly for PCs, the G535 doesn’t offer the Bluetooth connectivity of the G435 nor does it have a 3.5mm connection.

It is compatible with Logitech’s G Hub software where you can find a whole suite of EQ modes and options. If you’re not into the PC gaming world, you can still use the headphones with PlayStation consoles.  The headphones have a rated sensitivity of 87.5dB, which is lower than you might be used to in a set of gaming headgear. Where the headphones really excel is in comfort (yes, thank you Mama Bear).

Logitech g535 wireless headset

Image: Logitech

The headband features an elastic band that you can adjust to different tightness levels. The cups offer vertical adjustment and are covered in memory foam ear pads with a cloth covering. They also only weigh 236 grams, which makes them one of the more lightweight headphones on the market. Battery life comes in at an impressive 33 hours.

Searching for the right headphones for you can be a bit of a fairy tale journey. Logitech has a full range of options, and now they’ve added the middle ground that might be just right for you at a price that will be comfortable for your bank account as well.

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Image: Logitech

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