Logitech G560 Speakers Breaking Down the Gaming Fourth Wall

Logitech has long been one of the leaders in gaming audio equipment, but the G560 Lightsync PC Gaming Speakers take this truth to the next level.

logitech g560 speakers display with monitor

Designed to push your gaming experience to the limit, the Lightsyc speakers will blast light that matches the in-game explosions, approaching enemies, status ailments, achievements unlocked, and so much more.

logitech g560 speakers enhanced gameplay

For the first time, enjoy a gaming experience that breaks the fourth wall and allows you to extend the game into your room. Game developers worked with Lightsync producers to program the color and animation effects for each game. That means no gimmicks, no cheese-factor, just enhanced gameplay with elements no one else will see.

logitech g560 speakers front and light

The G560 also lets you customize your experience. Choose any area on your monitor or screen and sync it with one of your four light-zones, allowing you to utilize the various lights and colors how you please.

logitech g560 speakers various lights and colors

Although designed with gamers in mind, these speakers are also perfect for music fans or media lovers of any kind. Bringing you 240 watts of powerful sound, the Lightsync speakers also serve as an audio visualizer, representing a full-color spectrum of lights that move and dance to your tunes.

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logitech g560 speakers top and audio visualizer

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