new marshall acton tawny speaker

Ready for Acton – The Marshall Acton Tawny Speaker

Legendary amplifier brand Marshall has dropped a new limited edition version of its popular Acton Bluetooth speaker which packs serious power into the small, luxury frame.

Described by Marshall as a “nimble and versatile workhorse,” the Acton Tawny speaker boasts well-balanced audio with a clear mid-range, extended highs and deep and powerful bass, all housed inside a buttery soft camel vinyl exterior and basket weave fret.

Combined with the iconic Marshall logo recognisable from every significant jam session of the last half-century, Acton Tawny is a bold and sophisticated compact speaker that will suit a music lover’s home aesthetic.

marshall acton tawny speaker small and luxury frame

Topside, the analogue knobs give you the controls to fine-tune bass, treble, and volume, so you always get the perfect sound.

Acton Tawny connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or if you prefer the traditional method simply use the included double-ended coil cord with 3.5 mm jacks to attach your device.

Marshall’s Acton Tawny Bluetooth speaker is available now for USD $249 exclusively on Marshall’s official site. With a near-limitless choice of speakers, we think this small guy’s got more character than its hard plastic rivals. You just supply the (good) music.

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marshall acton tawny speaker side and top view

marshall acton tawny speaker top side view

marshall acton tawny speaker front view