Marshall Kilburn II Portable Speaker is Small Packaged Dynamite

The Marshall Kilburn II Portable Speaker packs a lot of explosive sound in a small package. The speaker weighs only three kilograms, yet offers over twenty hours of play, and its quick charge option means in just twenty minutes of charging you’ll have two hours of play time. It’s also free of all those wires—the Kilburn II uses Bluetooth 5.0 aptX connectivity to pair with your music source and has a range of thirty feet. It can also connect with multiple sources, allowing you to switch between hosts for different playlists.

control volume marshall kilburn speaker

It’s the sound that’s really important, though. The Kilburn II is the loudest speaker in its class and features clear midrange, deep bass, and extended highs. The 36-watt speaker pumps up the volume but keeps the sound well pronounced and articulated. It’s also multi-directional, thanks to the Blumlein stereo sound function, so you’ll enjoy the music no matter where you are in relation to the speaker.

marshall kilburn speaker side view

The Kilburn II is built with flush mounted corner caps and features a guitar-inspired carrying strap. The vinyl contrasts nicely with the solid metal grille, and is water resistant. You can take this speaker anywhere and not worry about it getting damaged or even ruined.

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