Microsoft Introduces Noise-Cancelling Surface Headphones

Microsoft is introducing new Surface Headphones to complete the Surface Pro 6 and Laptop 2 experience. Although the headphones can pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device. They slip comfortably over ears to surround the user with spectacular sound quality and 13 levels of ambient noise. Volume and noise-cancelling are controlled via intuitive on-ear dials.

Surface Headphones are built using premium materials, memory foam and the overall balanced design offers comfortable all-day wear. The custom free-edge drivers provide the clear, crisp sound quality you would expect from a premium headset. Head detection automatically pauses the music and mutes calls when removed then restarts when slipped back on.

microsoft surface headphones in the ears

Designed with Skype in mind, There are 2 beam-forming microphones on each ear cup. 8 microphones in total. Add voice activated Cortana and the experience is complete. Microsoft Surface Headphones will be available in the US and the UK in time for Christmas 2018. Microsoft hasn’t revealed when the headphones will make it to Australia.

Check it out

microsoft surface headphones close up

first look at microsoft surface headphones

microsoft surface headphones shape

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