Music Tech Brand ROLI Brings Their Blocks Music System to Australia

Industry legends like RZA, Pharrell, Hans Zimmer, Grimes, and Stevie Wonder are just a few among the numerous musicians who use ROLI Instruments. Now, the brand has unleashed its most accessible and affordable modular system to date, also known as Blocks. Indeed, with the Blocks kit at your disposal, there’s no soundscape beyond your reach.

roli blocks dj

At the heart of ROLI’s Blocks kit are the Lightpad Block and Seaboard Block, two formidable instruments in their own right. Thanks to the system’s modular capability, however, one can unify these units to explore a broader sonic terrain. Meanwhile, the kit grows along with the owner, amounting to a truly fluid and tactile relationship.

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For all the novices out there, the best way to get started is with the Lightpad Block and ROLI Play app, which take an instructional approach. If you’re a seasoned musician, jump straight into the Songmaker Kit, consisting of the Lightpad Block, Seaboard Block, and Loops Blocks. Every instrument comes with adjoining software tools as well, making a great thing all the more accessible. Put simply, this is a party that every aspiring creator is invited to.

roli blocks guy use headphone

Blocks will be available in Australia starting October, at JB Hi-Fi, Apple, Australian Geographic, Amazon, Kogan and David Jones. If you’d like to test one out, you’ll be able to do so at select JB Hi-Fi outlets. Soon enough, you’ll be dropping synth beats with the best of them.

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