NuraLoop Wireless Earphones are Tailored to Your Ears

Following on from the success of its award-winning Nuraphone headphones, Melbourne-based brand Nura has opened pre-orders for its follow up and in-ear equivalent – NuraLoop wireless earphones.

What sets Nura tech apart from the competition is how the audio automatically learns and adapts to your hearing profile. Using highly sensitive microphones and advanced signal processing, NuraLoop monitors acoustic emissions within the ear to determine the unique frequencies affecting each user. The earphones then create a personalised sound profile so music can be heard the way it’s intended.

For a limited time, all NuraLoop earphone pre-orders receive a 30% discount lowering the price to $299 AUD. NuraLoop is available from September 2019.

nuraloop earphones

Beyond the innovative sound performance, active noise cancellation allows you to block out unwanted sounds, or unwanted people. Plus phone calls are said to come through clearly thanks to the four onboard microphones.

Both features are handled via the TouchDial controls found on each earphone. Tapping, double tapping, and turning the dial performs a combination of useful functions including volume up/down, play, pause, skip and answering calls.

The all-day battery life provides over 16 hours on music or podcasts and an additional 2 hours of playback are gained from just ten minutes of charging.

noise cancelling wireless earphones

NuraLoop provides a supportive fit for maximum comfort and passive sound isolation. The lightweight body and ear-tip shape were designed using 3D mapping technology to achieve the best fit on the broadest range of ears. Three different sized tips are included and sit comfortably alongside the braided cable.

Nura was founded in 2016 and launched what became Australia’s highest-grossing Kickstarter campaign raising $1.8M USD. The Nuraphone headphones were released in 2018, and users currently accrue a combined 6.5 years of listening each day. The Nuraphone has received multiple awards including the CES Best of Innovation Award, Red Dot’s Best of the Best and SXSW’s Music and Audio Innovation Award.

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