Pro-Ject Honors the Beatles with their 2Xperience White Album Turntable

You’d be hard pressed to argue against the White Album being the Beatle’s most influential and impactful album. Pro-Ject no doubt feels that way, which would explain their 2Xperience White Album Turntable. Pro-Ject teamed with Universal Music Group and The Beatles to put together this special, limited-edition turntable in honour of the 50th anniversary of the release of the White Album.

pro ject white album turntable needle close up

If you’re going to make a product in honour of the White Album, then it’s a safe bet to go with a white colour scheme, which is what the Beatles did for their iconic album. Pro-Ject followed that same example. The turntable—from top to bottom and side to side, from the tonearm and record clamp to the drive pulley—is completely white (at least, everything that could possibly be white is white).

pro ject white album turntable needle front

Even the Orotfon 2M cartridge was specially made so that it would be white. Much like the original album cover, the turntable has the number along with the band’s name blind embossed on it. The platter is also white, and its acrylic, providing better sound. The platter is also belt-driven with a precision motor control and electronic speed change.

pro ject 2xperience white album turntable rope

Only 1,000 turntables will be made; each will retail for $1,799.

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