Q Acoustics Thinks It through with the Concept 300 Speakers

Q Acoustics new Concept 300 Speakers are more than just good looking. In fact, those good looks help contribute to the high quality sound. The speakers come available in gloss black and rosewood as well as the gloss white and oak, and Q Acoustics has added a third option—a silver and ebony cabinet. What’s hidden beneath those options is a Dual Gelcore with internal Point-to-Point bracing. The three layers, which are separated by a non-setting gel, dissipate high frequency vibrations from the moving drivers. In addition to the Dual Gelcore reducing vibration, the Tensegrity tripod stand also helps reduce vibration. The stand uses low-profile aluminum rods to carry the load, with stainless steel cables to provide additional support. That combination of compression and tension forces prevents bending.

acoustic concept speaker

The speakers sit on a set of four springs as well as a polyurethane elastomer that translations vibrational energy into heat. The mid/bass driver is held in place from behind by a spring-tensioned retaining bolt, instead of using a front bolting system. This rear-bolted system is another vibration cancelling system that requires no adjustment over the course of the speaker’s lifetime, meaning that performance stays consistent.

acoustic speakers

Q Acoustics has thought through every detail of the Concept 300 speakers, and it will be no surprise if this speaker outdoes its predecessor, the widely acclaimed Concept 500.

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