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Meet Sennheiser’s New $2099 IE 900 Flagship Earphones

The new IE 900 audiophile earphones might be the new king of the audiophile market. At least that’s what the AU$2099.95 price tag suggests, but Sennheiser has brought together technical innovation, meticulous attention to detail, and an uncompromising demand for perfection to the table for a set of earphones to rival all.

Manufactured at Sennheiser’s headquarters in Germany, every aspect of the in-ear headphones have been engineered to work together to achieve the desired acoustic tuning and to reduce resonances and masking effects. Most notably, a triple-chamber absorption system originally developed for the widely regarded IE 800, the IE 900 features the next generation of the patented absorber system.

Sennheiser IE 900 Specifications

Transducer: X3R, 7mm audiophile, Extra Wide Band
Frequency response
: 5 Hz – 48,000 Hz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.05% at 94 dB, 1 kHz)
Unbalanced cable: 3.5mm connector.
Balanced cable: 2.5mm and 4.4mm connectors.
Construction: Precision milled from one piece of high-performance aluminium alloy.
Price: AU$2099.95

Sennheiser ie 900 audiophile earphones feature image 2

Image: Sennheiser

The new IE 900 boasts Sennheiser’s proprietary X3R transducer, which is a refined version of the brands 7mm audiophile Extra Wide Band transducer. In the brand’s quest for delivering the highest-fidelity sound, it begins inside the housings of the earpieces. A beautiful piece of equipment, they’re milled from a single block of aluminium to create the earphones’ unique triple-chamber absorber (T3CA) system. Not only does this make the earphones look and feel incredibly expensive (which they are) but they nozzle to counter the masking effect of high peaks which the human ear struggles with at low volumes.

“No detail is too small when you’re striving to set a new benchmark in portable audio fidelity. We designed every component of the IE 900 to work together to deliver extraordinary audio performance,” said Jermo Köhnke, Product Manager at Sennheiser.

Extremely light and pliable, the audio specialist’s broadband transducers prevent distortion, deliver natural, balanced sound, and ensure audio transparency, regardless of listening volume. A newly developed membrane foil provides a high degree of inner dampening, ensuring minimised natural resonances and distortion to reveal the finest details in the music.

Sennheiser ie 900 audiophile earphones feature iamge

Image: Sennheiser

The IE 900 offers ergonomic features, including individually adjustable ear hooks as well as silicone and memory foam ear adaptors in three sizes, perfect for extended periods of personal music enjoyment. Stay tuned for release information as the earphones roll out across Australia and New Zealand for $2,099.95 AUD / $2,199.95 NZD.

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