Sony Adds the DMP-Z1 to its Signature Series

The DMP-Z1 is the newest addition to Sony’s Signature series. If you’re not familiar with the Signature Series, then what you need to know is that it is part of Sony’s “relentless lifetime pursuit of sound excellence.” Sony promises that the latest additions to the line will deliver “astonishingly faithful sound reproduction that’s definitively clear and expressive, where even the subtleties and delicate nuances of micro-sounds and bigger scales at higher dynamics are effectively reproduced.” That’s a lot to promise, but the DMP-Z1 seems up to the challenge.

sony adds the dmp z1 front

DMP-Z1 is a digital music player that features a gold-plated volume knob, balanced and unbalanced headphone jacks, and a stationary class headphone amp all in a portable package with dual DACs. The volume controller has been upgraded with more than just gold plating. It also features Sony’s high-end analog rotary volume controller that is both copper plated and then gold plated. It can support volue for four separate signal paths—L+, L-, R+, R-. The amp in the unit is also isolated from the main board, thus reducing noise, by the rigid aluminum chassis. DMP-Z1 is rated for native 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and DSD formats up to 11.2 MHz. It also has a 20 Hz to 40 kHz frequency response, allowing it to drive headphones that can reach 16 ohms. Plus, DMP-Z1 uses AI to automatically enhance your sound based on real-time information analysis. True audiophiles won’t be able to live without the DMP-Z1.

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sony adds the dmp z1 top and side

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