Sony srs portable speaker lineup

Sony Expands Fan Favourite Portable Speaker Range

Sony has expanded its portable speaker lineup in Australia to please a range of price points ($249-$479 AUD) and now offering a new lower distortion speaker unit that takes advantage of the brand’s X Balanced Speaker Unit and Dual Passive Radiators. The full range will be available from July 2022, and we’re breaking down everything you need to know ahead of the release below. Good news for buyers is that all three new models share a number of important features regardless of pricepoint so we’ve outlined those as well.

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Sony’s 2022 Portable Speaker Range Extended

Sony has kept a number of standard features available across the new range at all price points, including;

  • X Balanced Speaker Unit and Dual Passive Radiators (less bass distortion).
  • IP67 rating on all models for water and dust resistance.
  • Tested for shock resistance from 1.2m (although this doesn’t guarantee against damage etc.).
  • Quick Charging, to give you up to 70-minutes of play from a 10-minute charge.
  • Battery Care, so you don’t have to worry about over-charging.
  • Party Connect, so you can combine up to 100 compatible wireless speakers w/ Bluetooth.
  • Stereo Pair, so you can connect two speakers wirelessly for stereo sound.
  • Echo Cancelling, so you enjoy calls with two people that talk at the same time without cutting either off.

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Sony xg300

Image: Sony


Sitting at the top of the new range is the SRS-XG300 which is available in a black or light grey colour. The speaker will cost $479 AUD when it lands on shelves in July 2022. We love Sony’s large portable speaker range for its large lower soundstage and this smaller option is set to bring that great low-frequency range we’ve come to expect from the brand.

Illuminated party lighting will add some colour to any house party and even synchronises to the beat of the music. Fully charged, the SRS-XG300 offers 25-hours of play (volume level is set to 24 and with lights turned off). This is the largest in the new range (it does come with a retractable handle) so if portability is what you’re looking for let us introduce the XE300 and XE200.

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Sony xe300

Image: Sony


In the middle of the range sits the SRS-XE300 (available in Black, Light Grey and Blue) which is a good middle ground between the XE200 and XG300. Just like the XE200 below, the XE300 has sustainable materials built into the internal parts and each speaker’s packaging comprises no more than 5% plastic materials. The speaker is priced at $319 AUD ($70 AUD more than the XE200) and will arrive next month with the rest of the range.

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The main difference on paper between the XE200 below is the battery life, the XE300 offers 24-hours of play whereas the XE200 only offers 16-hours. The sound quality between the two should be very similar, although we will confirm this in testing when we get our hands on the trio.

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Sony xe200

Image: Sony


As mentioned above, the Sony XE200’s main difference lies in battery life and overall size. On paper, the brand mentions no particular sound difference between the two, however, we will have to confirm this in testing. Physically the speaker is smaller and comes with a strap for carrying making it the most portable in the range. It’s also the most affordable at $249 AUD, but this is still more than you can pick up a UE Megaboom 3 for these days (around $220 AUD on sale). Battery life is 16-hours.

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More information about the full range can be found below.

Full portable speaker range

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