The Sound and the Style of Ruark Audio

There’s a certain beauty in the mid to late twentieth century designs of audio equipment, when record players and speakers had become ubiquitous with just about every modern household and new technology was seamless integrated with hand-crafted pieces of wood and metal. In the thirty years since this design heyday, speakers and other types of audio equipment became more modern, with heavy plastics and metals, abandoning these classic styles—due in part to the fact that music had transitioned away from records and into tapes and CDs, things that were plastic and metal themselves.

ruark audio record players and speakers inside table

But now that everything has gone digital, the old fashioned, beautiful stylings of audio equipment that was popular in the mid to late twentieth century are coming back—and Ruark Audio has embraced that turn in taste with their speakers of all sizes. With a wide variety of radios and speakers that look like they were fashioned in the 1960s and 1970s, but with the capability to sync up wirelessly to any device, a harmony of design and excellent sound can be found here, unlike most high end speaker systems available today. All have Bluetooth or wireless capabilities and all can also be ordered in a number of different exterior finishes.

ruark audio record players and speakers front view

For who appreciate the highest quality sound and have a sense of style, Ruark Audio is a very smart choice.

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ruark audio record players speakers top front view

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