Soundcore Liberty Air Offers a More Economical Choice

True wireless earbuds are increasing in popularity, but the demand for these tiny implements hasn’t done much to drive down the price.

Anker is doing something about that with their Soundcore Liberty Air wireless earbuds. You might recognize Anker most for their charging cables and external battery packs.

The Liberty Air take all the things that are great about AirPods, add in Android accessibility, and offer it all at a lower price point.

man wearing earbuds

The earbuds come in a small case that doubles as a charger and has three LED lights to show you how much of a charge is left in the buds. With touch control, you can pause and play music, skip to the next or go back to the previous song, and answer or end phone calls. The buds use Bluetooth 5.0 technology and have a FPC antenna.

But what about the sound quality? The drivers for the buds are graphene-coated for improved oscillation, which means that Liberty Air can reproduce highly accurate sound.

You’ll hear every detail—form deep bass to bright mids and high trebles—all without any distortion. The earphones also have noise cancellation for improved clarity.

white earbuds

Soundcore Liberty Air offers you what you’re looking for in earbuds—especially a more reasonable price.

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