Spire Studio Let’s You Record Professional Quality Music from Anywhere at Anytime

Are there any burgeoning musicians out there? If so, the Spire Studio needs to be added to your search history if it hasn’t been already. The Spire Studio (specifically the iZotope SP111) is a portable and professional alternative to in-studio music recording.

portable spire studio recording top

With zero set up, this gadget is geared towards simple recording with a built-in wireless connection to the Spire add, available on the Apple Stores. From the app record, edit, mix, and share tracks. With equipment like this, the first question to arise usually revolves around quality. Let’s quash those doubts right now; the Spire Studio delivers professional microphone level recordings through award winning sound processing technology, delivering comparable results to recording with a traditional engineer in-studio.

portable spire studio recording front view

The most impressive quality of Spire Studio is its compact size. This unit can fit easily into a small bag, backpack, or even a guitar case, allowing you to record anywhere, with built in Wi-Fi. Spire Studio isn’t meant to just record, it too fulfills the desires of new and experienced musicians alike, the ability to share and collaborate. Plug in your instruments with combo jacks and share tracks, tunes, and recordings with fans and other artists as much as you would like.

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