Status BT One Shouts it from the Rooftops

Don’t be concerned if you haven’t heard of Status Audio yet. Rather than slapping down huge amounts of money to market and sell their products, Status relies on producing high-quality audio products that speak for themselves—it also helps that those products are well-priced, avoiding any markups to pay for all that marketing.

Status’s BT One is another great example of a high quality product being put out by this quiet little company.

bluetooth BT one headset

The BT One headphones are priced at an impressive USD$99. Normally, headphones under the Ben Franklin price range have had to cut and scrimp in areas that affect performance. Not so with the BT One.

The BT Ones use metal for the body, rather than cheap plastic. They also come with a hard shell case. They come in either black or a brown and pewter combination.

top view status BT one headset

As for the audio quality, the BT One uses APT-X for CD quality sound. The sound signature is reportedly U-shaped, allowing for accentuating the high and low frequencies. That approach—focusing on the highs and lows—creates a more natural sound, just like what you would hear if you were listening in person.

The headphones are wireless, using Bluetooth 5.0 to connect to your media player. The connection features quick pairing and has a low latency. BT Ones also come with a 3.5mm cabled connection in case wireless isn’t an option.

A USB-C port is used for charging a battery that is good for 30 hours.

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BT one headsettop view status BT one headsetstatus BT one in pouch