Swiss Audio Premium Earbuds Produce Sound Tailored to Your Hearing

Swiss Audio has taken to Kickstarter to fund its premium HiFi wireless earbuds that are tailored to your exact hearing profile offering a superior music experience.

The premium earbuds possess unique sound quality with powerful basses and crystalline highs. The best-in-class balanced armature speakers, together with high-performance electronics, produce a perfect frequency response, and the 7 fully customisable band equalisers allow you to reproduce your favourite genres perfectly.

swiss audio premium earphone listening song

Everyone’s ears are unique. With the help of its audiology experts, Swiss Audio has created an Audiology Test as part of a companion app. The test takes a few minutes, and you can create your unique hearing sound profile based on the results. The Swiss Audio algorithm will compensate any hearing loss in selected frequencies, and you’ll be able to listen to your favourite songs like never before.

swiss audio premium earphone style view

There are many ear shapes and sizes. Swiss Audio utilised its knowledge of ear physiology, hundreds of moulded ears prototypes, and professional audiologists to bring men and women the most comfortable, ergonomic product to wear every day.

swiss audio premium earphone beside mobile view

Swiss Audio has already secured enough funding via Kickstarter so at this stage you can lock-in a pair with an expected December 2017 release. An early bird set of earbuds is priced at USD 185 or for $1030 you can hang with the Swiss Audio team backstage at a Tony Momrelle gig. Each set of earbuds includes a wooden charging case, 3 sizes of classic ear tips, 3 sizes of double flange ear tips, 3 sizes of foam ear tips and a micro USB charging cable.

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swiss audio premium earphone on the book

swiss audio premium earphone in the box view

swiss audio premium earphone front view

swiss audio premium earphone size view

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