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Technics announces the SL-1210GAE

Technics Marks 55th Birthday with SL-1210GAE Limited Edition

Over the years since 1965, Technics has brought quite a few products to market, ranging from speaker systems and amps to audio players. With 55 years under their belt, Technics is celebrating with the release of a direct drive turntable—the SL-1210GAE Limited Edition.

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Technics announces the SL-1210GAE front

Based on the Grand Class SL-1200G hi-fi turntable, the SL-1210GAE comes in a full black colour scheme, in accord with other recent Technics products. The top panel of the table is made of 10mm thick aluminium that has been anodized with a black brushed hairline finish. The operation buttons as well as the tonearm also sport a black finish. Looks aside, performance is the name of the game here. The insulator is made of a specially developed zinc material with aGEL—a gel that has special shock-absorbing properties that is usually reserved for only high-end turntables. The zinc and gel absorb and dampen vibration, making for better long-term reliability. In effect, these materials isolate the turntable, allowing the music to be reproduced with every nuance.

Technics announces the SL-1210GAE limited edition

The table makes use of a coreless direct-drive motor that doesn’t have an iron core, which eliminates “cogging.” The twin-rotor construction also reduces the bearing load while keeping torque high, so there’s less vibration. Finally, the motor control technology is borrowed from Blu-ray devices, allowing switching operational status of the motor to have more torque at the starting point and high-speed stability. The table’s three-layered construction offers better rigidity and combines with the aluminium die-cast core with a solid rubber coating to eliminate unwanted resonance. Virtually everything about this turntable is about reproducing only the best sound without any interference from other sources.

Technics announces the SL-1210GAE side view

Only 1,000 examples of the SL-1210GAE will be made—and remember, each is hand-made by skilled artisans in Japan, so not only will each one be unique, they’ll also be of the highest quality. The turntable will be available in June.

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Technics announces the SL-1210GAE top view

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