Technics Reference Class SP-10R Turntable Promises Analog Bliss

Panasonic’s Technics was crafting benchmark turntables for decades before temporarily dropping off the radar. Now with the resurgence of vinyl in full swing, the brand has come roaring back without skipping a beat–pun intended. In honour of their 50th birthday, they unveiled a prototype of the new Reference Class SP-10R direct-drive turntable at IFA 2017. Bold, minimal and beautiful, the SP0-10R appears to be a new audio benchmark in the making. Naturally, the brand wouldn’t have it any other way.

technics sp10r turntable  users

Technics takes a scientific approach to sound and the SP-10R is optimised accordingly (though some reports indicate it’s far from ready for market). The direct-drive turntable will reportedly feature the world’s highest level signal-to-noise ratio and rotational stability. That’s in part thanks to a core-less direct-drive motor with a stator coil on both sides of a two-sided rotor drive system. The result is higher torque, less vibration and increased durability.

technics sp10r turntable metals view

At the top of the turntable is a premium platter that weighs 7KG and incorporates layers of brass, aluminium and rubber. To put things in perspective, that’s over twice as heavy as the Technics SL-1200G platter. All that layering and heft equates to supremely steadfast rotation and a natural suppression of external vibrations. Technics also crafted an ultra-low-noise power supply exclusively for the Reference Class SP-10R. Again, expect less vibration or the common hum sound that bleeds through the speakers at quiet parts.

technics sp10r turntable conner view

One look at the SP-10R and you can guess it won’t be cheap. The design practically screams sophistication and brilliance in its own minimalist way. And were it any other brand, such outright elegance might give off gimmicky vibes. But it’s not any other brand–it’s Technics. In other words, expect this baby to make good on its promise of analog bliss.

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