The Bowers & Wilkins Formation Suite Masters Sight and Sound

Bowers & Wilkins ranks among the best audio brands in the world and its new Formation Suite proves why. Initially consisting of five innovative new products, the range combines performance and design to extraordinary effect. A masterpiece of sight and sound alike, it builds upon the brand’s own history while simultaneously embracing the wonders of modern automation. Put simply: wireless audio gear never looked as good and performed as well as it does here.

Bowers Wilkins Formation Bar

Bolstered by patented Formation Wireless Technology, the Bowers & Wilkins Formation Suite explores a new frontier of connectivity and convenience. Thanks to a robust mesh network, you can synchronise speakers and stream music without the slightest interference. Speaking of synchronisation, the flow between speakers is essentially lag-free and, therefore, impeccably smooth. On the streaming front, 96/24 bit audio resolution enables twice the fidelity over leading counterparts.

Bowers Wilkins Formation Duo

For its first wave, the Formation Suite includes five signature products. Formation Bar is an optimal soundbar with a sleek aesthetic and massive audio presence. Then we have Formation Duo, two wireless speakers of considerable fortitude. Formation Wedge, meanwhile, is a boldly unique sound system distinguished by its 120-degree elliptical speaker shape and rich, 3D sonics. And you can go deep with Formation Bass, a brilliant subwoofer that brings the boom without the faintest whiff of distortion. Last but not least, Formation Audio will turn any traditional passive system into a high-fidelity streaming platform.

Bowers Wilkins Formation

Each product in the range comes with a streamlined user interface, which takes mere moments to set up. Throw in the sleek designs and powerhouse acoustics and you have a best of all worlds scenario, guaranteed to make all your music-loving friends jealous. The Formation Suite will be available through selected Bowers & Wilkins dealers in October.