The L100 Classic JBL Speaker Approaches 50

The original and iconic L100 Classic JBL Speaker was first introduced nearly 50 years ago in 1970, and rapidly became the bestselling loudspeaker in the company’s history. JBL is celebrating that proud history by releasing a modern version of that classic speaker.

l100 jbl whooper view speaker

The JBL Classic L100 features a one-inch titanium dome tweeter, directly below which is a five-inch pure-pulp cone midrange driver. A waveguide with an acoustic lens equipped on the tweeter helps ensure optimal integration between the two. The speaker also provides excellent bass thanks to a 12-inch cast-frame, white pure-pulp cone woofer in a bass reflex enclosure. The woofer is tuned by a single, front-firing port tube. Finally, L-pad attenuators on the front baffle bring in the high-frequency and mid frequency, and also tie into the classic features of the L100.

l100 back view jbl speaker

The L100 retains its classic look by going retro in its design. The Quadrex foam grille comes in three colours: black, orange, or blue. The speaker is covered with a genuine stain walnut wood veneer, with the front and rear panels in a solid black.

colored cover l100 jbl speaker

You might remember this speaker from the iconic “blown away” image, where a man in a chair is being knocked over by the sound of a JBL L100. This speaker isn’t a reproduction of that speaker; it’s a modern speaker that adopted the looks of the classic. What this speaker is is a fulfilment of that original advertisement—a speaker that will blow you away.

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