The Marshall Tufton Portable Speaker is Ready for the Stadium

Marshall speakers have been rocking music halls for decades. Last year the legendary audio company launched the Marshall Kilburn II, and they’ve been steadily expanding their line of portable speakers since. First came the Stockwell II. Now Marshall is adding another, and unlike the handbag-sized Stockwell, the Tufton is a hefty speaker with plenty of sound.

marshall tufton

The Tufton is a guitar amp style speaker with multidirectional sound. Just like other Marshall speakers, the Tufton is made to take a beating from Roadies and partiers. You’ll recognise the iconic look of a microphone inspired grille on the front sporting the Marshall logo. There’s also the corner caps and the leather cabinet.

A faux-leather handle held down by gold screws looks very much like a guitar strap and provides the portability. And though it is the largest of Marshall’s portable speakers, the Tufton is still portable with a weight of just ten pounds. Dials on the top of the speaker provide all the controls you need. The back of the speaker features a circular grille that provides the multidirectional sound.

carry by hand portable marshall tufton speaker

You can get 20 hours of playback from a charge, but the Tufton also features a quick charge that will give you four hours of play with just 20 minutes of charging. “Multi-host” functionality allows you to pair two devices with the speaker, so you can switch control with a friend.

Priced at USD$399, you’re paying for the name a bit, but you’re also getting what you pay for.

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