Unparalleled Precision Sound: The Razer Nommo Speaker System

Start your journey to phenomenal sound with the Razer Nommo Speaker System. This ultimate 2.1 sound apparatus was designed and engineered with care and attention to every detail, ensuring its performance is flawless and professional grade.

When Razer set out to build their new set of speakers, they questioned how to make them outstanding and like nothing else on the market. In a world full of lucrative disruptors, Razer wanted to follow their model, while still providing a product that held the clients’ needs above all else. The result of this approach was a deeply outstanding product and 2.1 speakers that are guaranteed to change the way you listen and interact with your media.

To get hi-tech on you for a moment, these speakers have silk dome tweeters, enhanced rubber lining, Dupont kevlar coated 3-inch drivers, Dolby virtual surround sound technology, and are THX certified. What this means is that when you buy these speakers you are getting a product built with premium materials and tested to ensure maximum performance.

While optimal for many forms of entertainment, these speakers were specifically designed with gamers in mind, the independent tweeters allow for highly-accurate positional awareness, so you never have to guess which direction those footsteps are coming from as you’re lying in wait for your opponent.

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