Urbanears Brings the Boom with You Thanks to its Portable Speaker Ralis

Back in the ‘80s and ‘90s, it was all the rage to walk around carrying giant boomboxes on your shoulders blaring out rap music. Things have changed a bit, but that desire to bring your music with you is still there. Now you can do that with Urbanears’ new portable speaker, Ralis.

front urbanears speaker

Urbanears has a name for putting together great headphones and home speakers. Lately, they’ve been branching out a bit, and that includes coming out with a Bluetooth enabled, battery powered, portable personal speaker. Ralis retails for $199, and, like other Urbanears products, has simple style. Essentially a square box with a strap handle, the speakers could be mistaken for a purse or a monochromatic lunch box.

The battery is charged via a built-in USB-A port and will play for 20-plus hours off of a single charge. Using Bluetooth 5.0, the speaker can connect to up to two phones at a time and has a maximum range of 30 feet. You can also use a wired 3.5mm auxiliary jack to connect yet another device. Ralis features both front and back speakers, allowing a richer, fuller sound.

And don’t worry about the weather too much; the Ralis has a IPX2 water resistance rating.

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Urbanears releases their first portable speaker