The V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker Has Landed

Already a formidable name in the headphone game, audio brand V-Moda decided to take on the portable Bluetooth speaker market. Three years and fifty prototypes later, the remarkable V-Moda Remix has finally emerged. It’s the first in the world to be made entirely using 3D printer technology, and is consequently as fun as it is powerful. Indeed, we were able to score a V-Moda Remix and have been playing with it ever since. Read on for a breakdown.

v moda remix bluetooth speaker usb and vga cable

The Remix comes available in the colours of matte black or silver/black and materials of vegan leather or CNC aluminium. We snagged the matte black vegan leather version and it’s pretty much a triumph right out of the box. To call the design streamlined would be an understatement–this is a sleek lightweight brick of exceptional sturdiness and precision. For our convenience (and yours), the speaker was more or less ready as soon as we unwrapped it. The only prerequisite was a three-hour charge via USB charger that’s included in the package.

v moda remix bluetooth speaker front side view

At the top of the speaker are a few choice buttons. One will turn on the power, two control the volume, one syncs the device and one handles essentially everything else like taking calls, communicating with Siri, pausing, skipping tracks, etc. To wirelessly sync the speaker with your smartphone, smartwatch, computer or even Amazon Alexa, simply hold down the “pair” button at the top and wait for the Remix name to pop up on your device (permitted that the device is within a range of 33 feet). A series of intuitive noises will let you now when you’re connected and ready to rock. The whole process took maybe 20 seconds tops and the speaker lasts up to 10 hours on a second charge.

v moda remix bluetooth speaker style view

In the audio performance department, the Remix came up aces. The sound itself was clean and full-bodied as it poured through an entire front side grille and partial backside grille. The bass rolled deep and smooth as long as the volume or intensity was kept within reasonable limits, while the mid-range was immaculate. To achieve such remarkable audio, the Remix employs dual 10-watt drivers and a rear mounted bass reflex port.

If you’re someone for whom only massive sound will suffice, consider buying more than one Remix speaker and putting together a daisy chain–there’s no limit to the number that can link together so go nuts. Or if you prefer a top-shelf headphone experience, the Remix includes an integrated headphone amp in wired analog mode. The amp–which delivers 83mW x 2 of energy–is on par with standalone counterparts worth $200 and up.

v moda remix bluetooth speaker colors view

From a purely functional perspective, the V-Moda Remix is all kinds of optimal. However, giving it a leg up on the competition is a brilliant customisation factor. Thanks to the power of 3D printing technology, all six sides of the speaker can be upgraded or changed out with new materials. Choices range from affordable lightweight matte to premium platinum for all the true ballers out there.

It would appear that V-Moda thought of pretty much everything when crafting the Remix. The best part is they packed all that glorious potential inside a completely manageable rectangular box. With its module-based design and streamlined functionality, the V-Moda Remix Bluetooth Speaker is an instant classic not just for our time, but the time ahead. And at the very least, V-Moda can now claim it invented the Remix.

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