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Voce lossless le audio and broadcast transceiver 4

‘World First’ Lossless LE Bluetooth Adaptor Unlocks Premium Audio

It seems Bluetooth audio adaptors are a dime a dozen. They do a fantastic job at converting our outdated equipment into the modern wire-free era with a simple plug and play solution. But not all Bluetooth adaptors are made equal. Currently, most Bluetooth-enabled products on the market use old Bluetooth 5.0 technology – even many of the latest high-end smartphones and wireless earbuds. It’s simply not good enough, what’s the point in having high-end lossless audio if you can’t harness the quality that comes with it?! Well, that’s where VOCE steps in.

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Image: NEXUM

Harnessing the power of the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology, the VOCE is the world’s first LE adapter that allows for fully lossless audio. Additionally, the new technology has substantially lower latency than previous generations of Bluetooth, ensuring more precise synchronisation between sources and
outputs. Outside of the quality harnessing audio, our favourite feature is the ability to broadcast to multiple devices, and it’s where the VOCE really comes into its own.

Combine this with a range of up to 30 meters and an in-built microphone, and you can begin to see why we’re hyped about the release of this little dongle. The VOCE can be used for much more than just sharing music or enjoying movies with friends. Bluetooth 5.2 opens up a world of possibilities in audio here are a few we’ve put together:

  • Music and movies: Make the most of the latest HD music services with lossless streaming.
  • Gaming: Low latency audio streaming means that you hear every glancing blow and impact in real-time – no more lagging between what you’re seeing on screen, and what you hear in your ears.
  • Recording: With the ability to mic and record multiple people, the perfect companion for those who need a cost-effective but flexible recording setup, such as podcasters and YouTubers.
  • Bespoke sound systems: With just a laptop or phone, VOCE adapters and speakers, you can create a wireless sound system that gets music everywhere you need it.

“Bluetooth 5.2 seriously expands the capabilities of wireless, but currently the technology is yet to be widely adopted. In developing the VOCE, we wanted to give everyone the ability to tap into this powerful new piece of tech… music connoisseurs can get the most out of all of the latest, high fidelity streaming services on offer” said Elton Chang, CEO and founder of NEXUM.

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Image: NEXUM

The NEXUM VOCE is available now on Kickstarter in a range of different packages, including our pick, the Launch Day Special Bundle that includes a VOCE 2-in-1 Adapter, LE USB dongle, and a bargain price of US$69 (a discount of 50%). For those who want to take full advantage of the multi-streaming service, we recommend the Super Early Bird Party Pack. This includes 5x VOCE 2-in-1 Adapters, 5x USB-C to USB-A Charging Cables, 5x 3.5mm Aux Cables, and 5x VOCE Sticky Pads, and is priced at US$289 (a discount of 42%). Check it out via the link below.

Buy it here

Voce lossless le audio and broadcast transceiver

Image: NEXUM

Voce lossless le audio and broadcast transceiver 2

Image: NEXUM

Voce lossless le audio and broadcast transceiver 5

Image: NEXUM


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