Auto-Correct This – The Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard

The screens got smaller and so did the keyboards…and that’s where the problem started. Whether it’s the cramping of your fingers or the misspelling of every other word there’s a simple lack of efficiency when it comes to typing on a smartphone or even tablet. And don’t even get us started on dictation–somehow in an era where cars can drive themselves our computers and devices still haven’t figured out how to properly capture spoken human words. Of course it doesn’t help that you’re always mumbling.

logitech k780 multi device keyboard use

For the solution to all our small typing problems, Logitech went big. Their new K780 Multi-Device is a sleek, fully equipped keyboard that syncs up with a variety of devices. To switch from one source to the other all you need to do is touch a button. The keyboard features wi-fi connectivity, a long battery life and a soft rubber cradle on which to mount whatever device you’re using. And if you think it might look a little silly having a keyboard in your lap with a smartphone at the helm, it still beats taking three times as long to shoot off a mobile email that’s filled with grammatical errors.

logitech k780 multi device keyboard multi functional

The K780 is painstakingly quiet to use and effortless to carry around because it wants to accompany, not intrude. If you’re a modern day tech enthusiast who is in constant communication with others via a slew of different devices, Logitech’s new portable and multi-functional keyboard has your name written all over it.

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