Back from the Brink – TCL Mercury Blackberry

There was a time where all signs pointed to extinction for Blackberry, a brand that first revolutionised the mobile industry before failing to keep pace with it. After more or less bottoming out, the Blackberry licence was purchased by Chinese electronics company TCL, who recently unveiled a prototype for their entry smartphone: the TCL Mercury Blackberry. Based on preliminary reports and pictures, the TCL Mercury Blackberry takes a dash of the old, a dash of the new and places a rejuvenated emphasis on security and working world savviness.

tcl mercury blackberry smartphone qwerty keyboard

Among the features on the TCL Mercury, what stands out first and foremost is the familiar looking keyboard. While in many ways that might represent TCL sticking to an old paradigm, the keyboard has in fact been scaled down on the new model to make way for a nice, roomy touchscreen (ironically, some reviewers claim that the now smaller keyboard is harder to navigate). In keeping with its appeal to a business-minded demographic, the keyboard includes capacitive-touch technology for scrolling and the space bar doubles as a fingerprint sensor.

blackberry with qwerty keyboard and usb slot

On the outer frame of the TCL Mercury is a metal/rubber border that packs sturdiness and heft, which might come as a relief to users who prefer that their devices don’t weigh about as much as a feather. The new phone will run on Android Nougat and include business-oriented software that ups the ante on security. The phone charges via USB-C and that’s all the information available as of yet.

Check it out

tcl mercury blackberry smartphone keypad

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