Bang & Olufsen Love Affair Collection

It has been 90 years since Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen started their journey into technology, at a time when it was still an almost magical phenomenon. To celebrate this occasion, Bang & Olufsen announced The Love Affair Collection that consists of six carefully selected products from the company’s current range, rejuvenated with a new palette option in keeping with the surge in interest towards beautiful materials, especially rose gold. The radiant and romantic rose golden nuance is achieved through a unique dying process. The products that makes up the Love Affair collection is the majestic and recently launched BeoVision Avant 85, the all in one entertainment solution BeoVision 11-46, the BeoRemote One, the popular magic touch BeoPlay A9 music system, the lightweight BeoPlay H6 headphones and lastly the classic slender BeoLab 18 that also comes with a new walnut lamella front.

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