Beat Yesterday’s Time – The Garmin Edge 820 Cycling GPS

Some cyclists ride for fun, some ride for fitness. Then there are those who ride to compete and to better themselves every single day. Garmin’s new Edge 820 is the gear to get you there.

garmin phone display

The compact Edge 820 puts bike-specific navigation, cycling awareness, and advanced performance metrics right at your fingertips. This latest piece of tech measures VO2, has a recovery advisor and advanced cycling dynamics. These are a lot of technical specs that may or may not mean much. The bottom line is it’s a quality piece of hardware.

garmin phone display show grouptrack feature

Keep tabs on your riding buddies with the new GroupTrack feature. When paired with their smartphones, you can keep track of up to fifty riders by seeing their positions on your map. Free widgets are available when connected to the net, giving you a whole range of ways to personalise your device and keep an eye on the stats you care about. If you’re looking for a device to measure your performance that works as hard as you, Garmin’s Edge 820 is your answer.

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