Beats Pill+ Brings Classic Beats Performance in a Smaller Package

Everyone knows Dr. Dre Beats audio products. While they aren’t nothing like Bose audio gear, it’s certainly a step-up in aesthetics. The Beats Pill+ is no different. Playing into the demand for smaller, more portable speakers, the Beats Pill+ is designed to fill the any room up with your choice of sweet beats. The stereo active 2-way crossover system optimises both the dynamic range and the clarity of your music. They use the same tweeter and woofer acoustic mechanics found in professional recording studios globally. The design allows for easy use, connecting with your iPhone, MacBook, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. The Pill+ has a 12 hour battery life, with a quick-charge lightning cable that lets you quick charge in three hours. Working the other way around, if you’re phone is dying, charge it from your Pill+.

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beats pill+ classic beats performance speaker ultra modern

beats pill+ classic beats performance speaker back side

beats pill+ classic beats performance speaker front view