Beeline: Navigation Without Instruction

Beeline isn’t like your conventional navigation system. For one, it’s for your bicycle. The other thing is, it doesn’t really tell you where to go. Beeline is a handle-bar mounted device that let’s navigates you to your destination, without the monotonous boring instructions. It takes away the features of the modern GPS and relies on you as the cyclist to think about your cycling. Making your way to places on a bike was a lot of effort, having to stop and check where you are going, which often left you annoyed, late and sometimes in unsafe places. Beeline lets you enjoy cycling around in the urban landscape, acting more as a compass towards your destination. Simply set your end destination, and you are able to go wherever in whichever path you want to take. Instead of turning at a busy intersection, take a quieter lane. You can even set waypoints, allowing you to make a more precise journey if you so wished. The Beeline is easily detachable from your bike and is able to be carried around with your keys. Its water-proof, uses ultra-low power, is very affordable and minimalistic in design. The Beeline gives you the freedom to go whichever way you like.

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