The Best Kind of Simple – Amazon’s All New Kindle

Amazon’s 8th generation Kindle makes some minor but notable improvements on previous models while keeping the process of e-reading effortless and affordable. New features include a thinner and lighter design that comes in choice of black or white. The touchscreen withstands glare and emulates real paper more than ever before–expect something that won’t strain the eyes even during peak daylight hours. Throw in a long battery life and the ability to store thousands of books and you’re looking at a dependable modern device that places more value on the straightforward process of reading than it does a slew of gimmicky (and often superfluous) add-ons.

amazon 8th generation kindle makes some minor

The new Kindle also marks the first time that Amazon’s most basic e-reader comes equipped with a VoiceView screen reader. VoiceView is made possible by Bluetooth technology and it allows the user to control the bulk of the device’s features using his or her voice. Other features include the ability to change things like font size and line spacing to create a more customized reading experience, and dictionary software that allows for enhanced comprehension and accessibility. It should be noted there is no built-in LED light so be sure to have a light on hand for those late night reading experiences.

amazon 8th generation kindle with voiceview screen reader

Generally, Kindle enthusiasts can expect small changes with the latest model because why rock the boat when customer satisfaction is so high? For those seeking a more premium experience, consider upgrading to the Paperwhite or Voyage. And for those who won’t settle for anything less than a top-shelf e-reader, by all means dole out the extra bucks for a new Kindle Oasis.

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