Best of Both Worlds – The Bille Amp from Heaven 11 Audio

“When was the last time music gave you goosebumps?” ask the good folks over at Montreal-baed Heaven 11 Audio. But don’t think of the question as harmless inquiry–for them it’s more like hardcore mission statement. Heaven 11 wants to make your spine tingle, your toes curl and your brain spin when you experience the superior fidelity delivered by their audio equipment. And the Billie stereo amplifier–named for the late great Billie Holiday–is evidence of the company taking a major step toward bringing all their goals to life.

bille amp from heaven 11 audio digital sound staging

The Billie is distinguished by an unforgettable Nordic-influenced design and true audiophile philosophy. This product is all about giving the listener a ‘live in the room’ experience through the superior use of both analogue tubing and digital soundstaging. The Billie includes Bang & Olufsen ICEpower amplification, 32bit DAC, AptX Bluetooth, various inputs and a custom-built tube preamp. As a sign that Heaven 11 is not above being a little pragmatic, the Billie can play music from your mobile devices and turntables alike. Paired with its beautiful insides is a truly impossible to miss exterior that’s profound in its simplicity. Billie’s shell is made with strong aluminium and the casing features crafted hardwood knobs giving it a sturdy minimalist appeal.

bille amp from heaven 11 system volume controller

Heaven 11 clearly approaches sound, design, form and function with the utmost sincerity. They don’t want the music alone giving you those goosebumps–they want virtually every detail reminding you what makes the world of audio so special to begin with.

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