Better Late Than Never – Google Pixel

File this one under “what took you so long”? October marks the debut of the first official smartphone by Google. To be fair the ubiquitous technology company behind the Android Platform has tons of smartphone experience such as the recent Nexus 6P, but the Pixel is technically the first “Google phone” and expectations are naturally very high.

google pixel smartphone front and rearview

It would be remiss of Google not to jam-pack the Pixel (and Pixel XL) with a slew of contemporary features like unlimited Smart Storage, the “highest rated” smartphone camera available, a video calling app, an insanely long 26 hour battery life and a built-in messenger app. However, what has users and tech enthusiasts most excited is the Google Assistant, an AI-powered function that essentially turns the smartphone into something out of the movie Her minus the sexual overtones. Google Assistant is not just some Siri on steroids who can answer any question you throw at it–apparently the AI becomes more useful and adaptive the longer you use it.

google pixel black blue and gray color

The screen size on the standard Pixel is 5 inches and the phone comes with 32GB of storage. It’s equipped with Immersive 5.0 & AMOLED Full HD display and powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. Along with the premium smartphone and all those specs are a slew of cool cases adorned with imagery from Google Earth and Google Trends.

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google pixel different size phone google pixel different color phone rearview