Blue is the Warmest Colour – Blue Satellite Wireless Headphones

As the battle for best wireless headphones in the game rages on, seasoned audio brand Blue steps into the ring with Satellite. The hassle-free music pumping gear debuted at CES 2017 and could very well take the belt for most effective wireless noise-cancelling headphones yet, thanks to a stellar design and some nifty audio technology.

blue satellite wireless headphone premium quality

Separating Satellite Wireless Headphones from the herd are a few things. For starters they use four drivers with two in each ear–one for audio and one for noise cancellation. Such precise targeting allows for greater emphasis on both functions, meaning better fidelity and less outside interference. The headphones are also equipped with an audiophile grade amp that delivers superior audio regardless of source. That’s all paired with the best in cutting edge Bluetooth capability as well intelligent onboard controls for seamless management.

Blue has yet to release the details on battery life, but the battery itself is rechargeable via Micro USB. As of now, Blue is also holding back on the price point, however given the brand’s reputable history of premium quality you can rest assured you’ll get your money’s worth no matter what the cost.

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