Bose Knows Best – The QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

Bose is kind of like one of those old school artists who’s been around forever and feels like he can teach all the young scallywags a thing or two about the game. The “game” in this instance is the sound delivery game and Bose has been an industry leader for nearly four decades. With so much current craze around wireless headphones and technology, it was only natural that Bose took action to once again show everyone who’s boss. The QuietComfort 35 Headphones are basically the company’s way of saying they’re as invested in superior performance as ever before and still have some tricks up their sleeve.

quietcomfort 35 wireless headphone technology

Noise cancellation has been Bose’s benchmark and the mainstay of their success in the headphones industry. The technology allows the listener to drown out the sound of the environment outside the music so that the music itself can take centre stage and sound better than ever. The Quiet Comfort 35 takes the best in noise cancellation and combines it with wireless technology to deliver a straightforward experience giving listeners everything they could ask for.

quietcomfort 35 wireless headphone quiet comfortable

The QuietComfort 35 offers wireless connectivity to Bluetooth and NFC and there’s an app as well for personalization through mobile devices. The headphones allow for up to 20 hours (i.e. over a day’s worth) of listening when cordless. As far as wearability goes, expect pure lightness and comfort. After all these years, Bose is still showing us how it’s done.