Bowers & Wilkins Plus Burberry Make the T7 a Sound Pairing

A quality sound device is a must-have for any self-respecting music lover on the go these days, and it’s always good to see the developments that are happening around Bluetooth speakers. It seems that every day there is a new portable speaker that can send music the length of a football field, has longer battery life and is more rugged than its predecessor. Some are designed for the beach, some can be linked to create a stereo effect, others made for the car. This one is probably for the penthouse, or maybe the yacht.

t7 gold bluetooth speaker in the bag

Bowers & Wilkins, long standing experts in the music-to-our-ears department, have teamed up with trench-coat toffs Burberry to release the T7 Gold Bluetooth Speaker. It looks a bit like a posh man-bag, but the speaker itself uses Bluetooth aptX technology, so high-quality audio files can be streamed from just about any device. It’s petite cabinet also features what Bowers & Wilkins are calling ‘Micro Matrix’, a series of tiny interlocking cells (like a honeycomb) that guarantee you’ll never get vibration or buzz, and the battery lasts for 18 hours of playing time. Pair that with the London-designed, Italian-made Burberry case (black leather or tan suede) and you’ve got to agree it’s a very sexy speaker.

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