Brains and Beauty – LG Signature OLED TV W

The verdict is in: the LG Signature OLED Smart TV W was an absolute champion at CES 2017. LG’s latest showstopper boasts all the specs you could possibly want from a Smart TV, but what really has everyone talking is a game-changing, mind-blowingly thin profile and “wallpaper” design that allows the TV to essentially flow into the wall Total Recall style (the original of course). Put another way, this right here is one classy beast.

lg signature oled tv w top view

Oh, and we mentioned the TV was thin, right? Well, let’s say it again because it’s really freaking thin–2.57 mm to be exact, which is literally almost paper thin. The new Signature is in fact so sleek that when turned off your friends might mistake it for a piece of conceptual art and not a television. Prove them wrong by flipping this baby on and letting those brilliant pixels shine with no light bleed whatsoever, as though the wall itself has sprung to life with premium visual resolution. In addition to that runway body, The Signature OLED TV W is also stacked with the latest and greatest in Smart TV connectivity, viewing angles, picture and sound quality and everything else you could ever ask from it.

lg signature oled tv w display

LG seems determined to approximate the cinematic experience on the home front and make no mistake about it, the new Signature OLED TV W is a major step in the right direction. But heed our warning: once you own it, no other television with suffice.

Check it out

lg signature oled tv w on the wall

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