Braun Brings Back their LE Speaker Series for 2019

Braun’s original Dieter Rams designed LE speaker line came on the market 28 years ago. That line is back again, with a few modern touches. Braun announced their new 2019 LE Speaker Series, stating the “As the LE 1 of 1959 utilized audio technologies widely upheld to be the best available of the time. The reimagined LE series leverages the cutting edge of today’s advanced audio technologies.”

Braun speaker series

The speakers are being produced by Pure Audio under Braun Audio’s licensing and, while they use the original speakers’ aesthetics, they have been updated with modern amenities like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Those updates mean that these speakers support modern services that weren’t around back in the ‘90s, like AirPlay 2, Chromecast, Spotify Connect, and Google Assistant (thanks to the built-in microphones—if you’re worried about Google listening in on your music selection, you can turn the microphones off with the dedicated button).

Braun speaker on the table

That’s not to say you can’t still go a little old school with these new speakers. They still offer a 3.5mm headphone jack for direct audio input as well as an Ethernet port. You can also pair the speakers up for stereo sound. The look is old school as well, with Rams’ cubic style and rounded corners. In the new form, the speakers can be set up for wireless multi-room playing. They can also handle Bluetooth and Wi-Fi streaming. You can also customize the digital signal processing to fit your listening preferences via the Braun Audio app for iOS and Android.

The speakers are available in three models. The largest version retails for $1,191; the midsize comes in at $799; and the smallest carries a price tag of $379. All three come with balanced mode radiators, custom woofers, distortion-reducing passive radiators, and HD audio integrated amplifiers. You can pick them up in either black or white.

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