Your Breakfast Has Just Been Upgraded by the PancakeBot

As a website dedicated to the newest in gear, style and gadgets, we tend to see a lot of customization. Shoelaces, watches, shirts, motorcycles, even personal aircrafts have all trended toward allowing the consumer to incorporate his own sense of design onto the product, and rarely are we surprised by the newest industry that can be customized. However, even we didn’t see the PancakeBot coming.

batter dispensing system pancakebot

Yes, thanks to the PancakeBot you can now create an image on your computer and transfer that image onto your morning flapjacks thanks to the gadget’s proprietary batter dispensing system. You ever want to eat a racecar? Or maybe an alien overlord? How about a basketball team? Go nuts. Naturally, if you draw strawberries you’ll still need to put actual strawberries on the pancakes the get them to taste like strawberries but you get the point. The griddle is non-stick with a removable probe and the batter dispenser is BPA-free, but let’s be honest, you don’t really care because you either want to customize your pancakes using the PancakeBot or you don’t.

Full disclosure: some early responses to the product suggest it might have a few glitches in the hardware and software department. Nevertheless, our minds are now open to the fact that anything can be customized. Even pancakes.

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