Alpa 12 PLUS Camera Cashes in on 12 Years of Experience

The Swiss camera manufacturer Alpa has been at the top of their game since they first came on the scene 12 years ago. They were the first to bring large-format shift photography and video to the market without needed larger platforms, and they’re continuing down those lines with the Alpa 12 PLUS.

alpa plus camera front side

The camera got the name “PLUS” because of how its symmetrical, 90 degree offset placement movement crosses with the design, forming a plus (+). The camera has a more industrial look to it—a no-frills approach, which may be the result of its ability to be customized with a number of different options. It’s also been reinforced with shock-absorbent standards that protect the lens and digital back.

alpa plus back view camera

You can also use planal shifts in both the vertical and horizontal space, using four individually adjustable circular bubble levels to make sure everything is aligned correctly. Movement is exact with its 20mm movement thanks to the brass linear guides and click stops. Milled from a single aluminium block, the camera measures 18 x 18 cm. Optimally, it is used with Alpa 12 bodies like the SWA, TC, STC, and MAX.

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side view alpa camera stand

stand alpa camera front