Kyoyu: Canon Camera Share Will Save You Money

Canon Australia has created a new way for you to get your hands on high-end photography gear without breaking the bank. Kyoyu, which is Japanese for “share,” lets you hire quality equipment when you need it to tell those stories you’ve always wanted to tell. Or if you already own the gear, rent it out with confidence and make money when you’re not using it. Kyoyu is open exclusively to Canon products.

The Kyoyu camera-sharing community operates similarly to eBay, Gumtree and other online marketplaces. The built-in ID verification process takes care of security and Canon has arranged free insurance protection for owners who are renting out their Canon gear on the platform.

For those looking to rent, simply browse the Kyoyu platform for available cameras and lenses in your area and take possession as you need them. We’ve checked out the pricing which varies from user to user and the quality of the camera available. You could play anywhere from around $25 AUD to $120 a day to rent a camera and lenses range around $25 to $75. Canon offers suggestions to help regulate pricing.

To get involved and make or save some dollars, visit the Kyoyu website linked below, sign up, list an item or sending a booking request and it’s game on! I’m starting to think I shouldn’t have recently purchased that Nikon camera.

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