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Canon Launches EOS R5 C With 8k Capability

The new Canon EOS R5 C isn’t a multi-tasking camera. That’s not to say that it can’t do multiple things. It can shoot stills like a champ, and it can record videos like a pro. But unlike other cameras, it completely separates the two functions. When you switch between photo and video modes, the camera literally shuts down and reboots to achieve the new mode. While that may seem unusual, it’s also proving to be a good thing. The camera can actually focus on one task at a time, ensuring that it does it right.

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Canon eos r5 c rear

Image: Canon

The EOS R5 C also differs from other Canon cameras in that it doesn’t have the in-body image stabilization. Instead, it has a fan-powered cooling system. You might question that trade-off, but ask yourself which option would allow you to keep shooting 8K video until the battery dies out? That’s right, the fan cooling does that. They solve the overheating problems that have plagued the EOS R5, which means that it will be a favourite of cinematographers.

Those extra long shoots are further made possible by a 512GB CFexpress Type B card being added in place of the standard SD cards found in other models. The R5 C still offers the same RF lens mount, 45MP CMOS sensor, and 3.2-inch rear touchscreen along with the 5.76-million dot electronic viewfinder. The powerful Digic X processor takes on the task of processing all that footage or images you’re capturing.

Canon eos r5 c top

Image: Canon

Canon will make the EOS R5 C available in March for $4,499, making it a nice middle of the road camera for consumers. Whether you’re capturing footage for your next film, or you’re framing the perfect photo, the R5 C is more than capable of taking care of the project. Just make sure you factor in time to switch between modes.

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Image: Canon

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Image: Canon

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