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Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 lens open

Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 Packs an 8K Punch

Canon’s mirrorless EOS R5 is a game-changing hybrid that is equally powerful in shooting video as it is in shooting stills. That dual capacity will make it a very tempting camera for all photographers, whether they shoot landscapes, portraits, or videos.

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Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 body only

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What makes the EOS R5 so capable in both arenas is the tiny yet powerful processor built into it. That processor allows for 45 megapixels of resolution, making the EOS R5 the highest resolution camera that Canon makes with the exception of the EOS 5DS of 2015. Using the mechanical shutter, you can shoot at up to 12 fps, or go with the electronic shutter and get up to 20fps. The camera can shoot up to 350 JPEGS or 180 raw files at full resolution. Making the EOS R5 even more special, it’s the first Canon camera that comes with in-body image stabilisation across all five axes. Combines with a compatible, stabilised lens, you’ll get eight stops of stabilisation. And don’t overlook the maximum ISO of 102,400. As for video, how does shooting in 8K sound to you? The EOS R5 can shoot uncropped 8K RAW video at 29.97 fps in 4:2:2 10-bit colour and in uncropped 4K DCI at 59.94 fps. Canon also claims that the R5 can continuously shoot 8K for 20 minutes at room temperature.

Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 camera

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For the design, Canon stuck with their tried-and-true look of the original EOS R, making the R5 a drop-in replacement for previous models. The biggest difference in this new model is the addition of the electronic viewfinder, which offers a 120 fps refresh rate and a 5.76 million dot resolution. The R5 also features a 3.2 inch 2.1 million dot vari-angle touchscreen.

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The R5 came available in July and is offered in a kit that includes a 24-105mm f/4 lens for AUD$6,899 of USD$4,999.

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Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 side view

Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 top view

Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 back view

Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 camera

Canon Mirrorless EOS R5 with accessories

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