Deep Sentinel Security Cameras Go Above and Beyond

It always pays to consult with experts in a field, and if you’re looking to protect against crime, those experts are the police. Deep Sentinel consulted with over 50 police departments as they set out to create their home security system. The result is that the system notifies police only when there is a verified crime in process—zero false alarms means that the police can respond that much more quickly to real situations.

Black Deep Sentinel Security Camera

Deep Sentinel Security Cameras don’t just rely on the cameras to deter crime. In addition to the next-gen wireless cameras, Deep Sentinel uses a predictive local artificial intelligence to evaluate the information at hand—is it a dog crossing through the backyard, or a thief prowling? A car pulling turning around in your driveway, or a porch pirate coming after the package on your doorstep?

wall attached security camera

Of course, even the artificial intelligence isn’t perfect, so Deep Sentinel also uses real-time human intervention to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. With all that monitoring, threats are identified in under ten seconds, with law enforcement being notified within 20 seconds.

Deep Sentinel Security Cameras

What’s more, Deep Sentinel also uses speakers for two way communication and for the loudest siren on the market. The cameras are also impressive. With a 130 degree field of view, and with infrared night vision, criminals will be hard pressed to avoid the cameras. They also stream in full HD to your phone and local law enforcement and they record what they are seeing.

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