DJI Releases Groundbreaking, Tiny Mavic Air Drone

DJI, the China-based photographic equipment company who have quickly shot to the top of the drone-production food chain, once again prove that they can innovate and perfect their designs faster than we can follow them. Proving that you don’t need a professional drone set-up and hours of training to nail perfect aerial shots when they released the Spark last year, and have now gone one better, with an ultra-portable addition to their highly lauded Mavic series.

 dji mavic air drone bottom side view

The Mavic series is already loved by professionals and amateurs alike, and boasts 32MP spherical panoramas, a 3-axis gimbal and 4K camera, 3-directional environment sensing, 21 minutes of flight time and DJI’s SmartCapture technology. This edition takes it to the next level of compact practicality by being completely foldable.

 dji mavic air drone in the bag

Perhaps most impressive here is how stable the cameras are for such a small device, with thanks to the triangular formation of the gimbal, which reduces the angular vibration range to a mere 0.005 degrees. This means that whatever you shoot will come out looking its best, whether you’re after 4K video footage captured at 30fps or slow-motion video at 1080p. Your stills will sparkle too, thanks to DJI’s impressive HDR technology, which process overexposed shots for natural highlights between light and shadows, while DSP acceleration allows for more efficient shooting.

 dji mavic air drone panoramic shooting camera

It also stitches together 25 individual stills for true panoramic shots, which can be viewed for a fully-immersive experience through DJI Goggles.

Check it out

mountain and man running boat in the sea

people on the mountain

beautiful drone footage of mountains

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